ISAIAH 48:10
Shared publicly  -  May 12, 2016

A copy of a response I logged on a discussion of
people turning away from churches: We should
not be surprised. Jesus said half of those who
named his name would not make it in. The door
would close. Prophecy says he will have difficulty
finding faith when he comes. The church has both
become as the world with the secularization,
compromise and overt sin of anointing sin in some
cases with position (wolves in sheeps clothing),
while at the other extreme it is nothing more than a
Pharasaic, unmerciful, ungracious crucifier of
those who have found true relationship with Christ.
The time in the sanctuary that is supposed to be
the saints fellowshipping with God has become a
public encounter of worship interrupted by
handshaking, loud laughter and conversation
followed by a song, another interruption for
announcements, a stand up comedy routine by
the preacher/pastor, another entertainment
selection that the average voiced person can only
stand with their hands in their pockets and listen
to...or better yet....check the latest texts, emails,
etc. If you can feel the Holy Spirit being grieved
then you feel what God has shown me. I try to go,
to fellowship in the lobby before services, and
there are loving people. I simply come away
without the energization that used to make me
want to stay long after service was over. I have to
find it elsewhere. I still enter in. He is still there. He
blesses me with his presence. I gather with a
smaller group now once a week and that is where I
truly get fed without the interruptions. To worship
in spirit and truth, you must be focused. I praise as
David did when he led the ark to its home. Those
who scorn shall have Michal's reward. No access
to the king.
Dream of 05/06/16: Saw black billowing smoke. Sought out source.
Saw a house that was mainly burned with just stud walls and some
rafters showing, but had reignited in high wind.  There was a man
standing there who never moved from the opposite side of the house
who continued to watch me throughout the dream.  The wind ignited
an adjacent house prompting me to call 911.  I looked at the street sign
and reported the intersection of Mare and Bryan.  As fire trucks were
coming the second house became totally engulfed.  The fire spread to a
third house and was rolling up under the eaves.  I was yelling there was
an elderly woman in the house and to get her out.  I awakened as I was
banging on the door trying to alert the person in the third house.

Interpretation given by God:  ..You will be surprised at what the Lord
gave you.  William Branham talked about the three pulls (he called
them) of the Holy Spirit....and the Last Pull would end with the
Rapture of the Church. He said that was all he could say about that
because someone else would be able to tell the rest of it and that was
all he was allowed to say and admitted he might have said too much by
even saying that.

*The first house represents the Lord's House on Spiritual fire at the
Lord's first coming.  Evil went up and out like black smoke...not much
was left after the Lord was resurrected but a few standing pieces of
wood who were the disciples and the Mother Mary He left on earth to
carry on the Gospel.  (The Lord was the one watching from the
opposite side of the house.)

*The second house represents the Lord's House on Spiritual fire in
America when the first Azusa street revival happened that set America
on fire for the Lord and took the gospel  out to the whole world. (Mare
and Bryan/Mare=boundary and Bryan =Noble. A noble boundary.)

*The third house represents the Lord's House on Spiritual fire in
America and all the world as He sends the last Spiritual Anointing on
the whole earth. This is the Former and Latter Rain together that I
spoke of in Ezekiel 47 teaching on YouTube.  The Lord is the one
standing still while He watches all this going on.  He is not moved
because He knows how it will turn out.  The Elderly woman in the
third house is the Bride Church who has grown old and weary waiting
for the Lord to come...but when He does, He rescues her from this
burning world on fire because as we go up the nuclear fire will be
coming down.  Amen.  So says the Lord God Almighty.  

Rev. Patricia A. Sunday

True love cares not just for the present but wraps itself in the eternity of consequences.
God is clear about what He will do with those who have not received Him into their heart.
Those who have received Him will fully align with who He is because He will be alive in
them. As a follower of Jesus Christ who has Him living in my heart, I go to Him and ask
forgiveness for my sin and the grace to come out of it and be kept out of it. And I know
what sin is because His life within me identifies it for me and convicts me of my actions
that go against His command that I be holy even as He is holy. To walk in what He has
declared to be sin in a willful manner will have eternal consequences. To not share that
truth is to say, "I don't care about you." It is not love. I love you enough to tell you the
truth. I respect you enough to tell you the truth. If He is asked into your heart, I won't
have to tell you what God has declared to be sin. The Holy Spirit of God will come in and
clean out what is not of God. Your choice is whether you will demand control of your
own life or surrender control to God. That is all one has to do to experience the only love
that matters. And therein is found all truth.
   Le Roy L. Miller Ministry
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When you are unclean and have no legal right to
be where you are, but press through the crowd in
faith hoping to touch his garment, he will respond
to your touch filling you with his virtue (healing). He
will take note of your faith and single you out of the
crowd pressing all around him calling you
daughter/son declaring your faith has made you
whole. Good preaching this morning.
And I Held Her Hand: a Testimony of His Love (Excerpt)

The Blind Date:
The night arrived and I gathered my courage, got in my
car and went to the address I was given. My knees were
shaking as I stood at the door and knocked. I probably
could have gotten an answer without ever touching the
door I was so nervous. Then the door opened and there
she was. I was so awestruck by her that at first I could not
speak. She had to start the conversation and the
greeting process. I stumbled through the introduction and
escorted her to the car. We spoke quietly and drove to
the birthday party.
The accident:

The specialist joined us in the waiting room with the test
results. The injury was causing swelling to our son’s
brain. There was significant damage to the right frontal
lobe with a fracture around the eye and in the cheek
area. They would monitor him through the night and do
another scan in the morning. The doctor had already
set a surgery room aside in preparation to go in and
relieve the pressure. He warned us that he had seen
these injuries before and the possibility was quite real
due to the extent of the damage that our son would be
a paraplegic living in a wheel chair drinking his meals
through a straw. We looked at one another after the
doctor left and joined hands to pray.
A road traveled that you do, but don't, realize you are
on. Time passes. A painful, heart breaking cycle of life
that brought grief in all its forms seems to have finally
abated. You are living once again. Things, however,
are not the same. They never can be. Something is
missing that holds you back. You hold on to God. A
friend takes you to a meeting. Three ladies in their late
70's into their 80's are there. There is another who is
younger. They begin to minister. God's presence is
there in a way I have not felt it since the time that
inundated me with grief. That which I thought was dealt
with, but was only hidden away in my heart, is revealed
through the ministry that takes place. I am encouraged
by those present to begin to minister to them. I am
hesitant. They exhort me. I step out as I battle with
years of suppressing what used to flow in me. Oh. I had
taught classes. I had prayed for people. I have
produced videos. I could hear the words he spoke and
share them. I could see what he was doing and do it.
God was in all of that. But this day the power of his
presence in me began to find proper release again.
The hidden grief.... the guilt that I was still here and she
wasn't....had quenched how God used to flow in me
and out to others. Years. It has begun again. Thank
you to these strangers who took me in, allowed God's
spirit to use them to set me free, saw what was in me,
and lovingly demanded I let it out. As I surrendered to
God, he flowed back out of me and ministered to them
through me. And it was God that we all glorified in the
marvelous thing he had done. I have come out of a dry
and thirsty land. A shout is once again stirring deep
within me. Things are being set back in their proper
order. I can get to where I am supposed to function for
God as I used to so many years ago because he hasn't
changed his mind about me, or his plans for my life. My
desert experience is over. He was there in me all along.
My song is rising up. I shall sing of his mercy. I shall
sing of his grace. I shall sing of his love for me. I will
deliver his truth in power for that is where his healing is
found. Thank you, Lord. I love you with all of my heart,
all of my soul, all of my mind, and all of my spirit! You
alone are faithful! by  Le Roy L. Miller Ministry

Dream: I awakened this morning and was reminded of
a dream I had the night before, which I had completely
forgotten about. I was in a church and my wife, Jan,
was telling me to get up and give my testimony about
the dream. It was like a dream within a dream. I was
telling her to tell it. She was saying, no, you are the
one the dream was given to and you are to tell it. I
could see people clearly. We walked to the front of the
church. The dream I was to share was this: I saw a man
that I knew was of German descent in the distance. He
was dressed in black, very handsome, and stared at
me intently.(My middle name is Lynn, which means
handsome young man. The Lord showed me a long
time ago that this was my call to warn that the final anti-
Christ would appear as a handsome young man and
people would swoon over him.) I was being reminded of
the stroke I suffered back in January, 2001, but at the
same time it was as though I was suffering the stroke
again. There was loss of feeling on my right side. I was
unable to speak to share the dream. The devil was
trying to shut me up again. There was a focus on the
toes of my right ear, my right foot and the fingers of my
right hand for some reason. (God just stopped me and
had me get my bible. I opened it and it fell to Exodus
29. I just read until I got to verse 29. My goodness. I'm
getting revelation even as I share this. This is about
the consecration of the priest. God is consecrating his
people!) Back to the dream. I realized that the man I
was seeing was the anti-Christ. I was attacked in 2001
to shut me up. For 15 years it has worked. The stroke
did something to block the spirit from working in me the
way it had before, but in God's time it is coming up
within me again.The dream on night before last was a
warning that the anti-Christ is on the scene. He is
moving into position. He is of German descent....my
own pure heritage. Know the season we are in. Be
about the Lord's business. Satan wants to shut us up,
but God is going to raise up his people even as it says
in Revelation. The two witnesses (two companies of
people.....Messianic Jewish and Gentile believers in
Christ) will declare his glory before this evil world
before it is over. "Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!", cries the
Holy Spirit.
Call for Prayer of Agreement for those who
understand the authority we have been given
(Repeat): I bind up every lying spirit in the news media
outlets. I command them to shut their mouths. I forbid
them to speak confusion. I cast them out of their
principalities and I forbid them to return. I cast down
every stronghold of the enemy. I call forth the spirit of
truth. I call for every lie to be exposed. I declare
honesty, fairness and righteousness be involved in
every aspect of our political process. I declare that
eyes are opened to God's will as he answers the
prayers of the multitudes and that His will be done for
our nation. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.    
My response to constant condemnation from the "Torah" following Old
Covenant group, who declare Jesus is not the correct name for God,
Christmas is pagan worship, my Holy Spirit is of the devil (blasphemy),
and other incorrect teachings: I don't expect you to understand, either.
Jesus said this was all finished. A New Covenant he gave us, which is him
alive in us. If you wish to celebrate the feast days, that is fine. I do not do
so and you doing it will gain you no more favor in the eyes of God than
me having fully received the redemptive work of Christ on the cross into
my heart. In fact, you can do all that you are doing and miss Christ
completely, which is the danger I sense in the need you feel to condemn
me because I do not worship him the way you feel he has instructed me to
do. Yet, in my daily life I hear his voice, he guides me in all I do often
reminding me of little things that I forget on a daily basis in the normal
activities of the day that have no relation to anything other than it makes
my day go more smoothly, he has healed my body 3 significant times
when man could not, he has allowed me to visit heaven even as Paul did,
and he placed a call on my life when I was born, though I ran from it most
of my life, which call is similar to Paul's. That being that he stopped me at
one point and clearly stated to me that in the naming of my name he had
given me my call and my authority. A pure blood German with a french
first name which I received from my God loving aunt after I laid nameless
in the hospital for 3 days. Le Roy means "the king". Miller means "refiner
of the harvest". My call is to refine the harvest. I speak as the Holy Spirit
gives me unction and according to what he has taught me. Whoever falls
on this stone shall be broken. That is my state. Whoever the stone falls
on will be ground to powder. Jesus is the stone of the corner. I tell you
that he will fall on many who have only obeyed him outwardly with a
legalistic approach of works that will gain them nothing in his sight. You
focus on one day and condemn many who love Jesus and that is who
they celebrate. That the Catholic church moved the day to the day he was
risen has become a point of gathering and celebration, where the
Saturday gatherings were spent looking for his coming and Sunday has
become God with us, Emmanuel. People are still celebrating his presence
and he is there just as he said he would be. You would condemn those
who have a heart for him when those who do have come to understand
that he is the Sabbath and Lord of it and that is a 24/7 proposition when
he lives in your heart. Worship him how you will, but you will hopefully do it
out of a deep and abiding love for him every day and discontinue calling
those who worship him on a different day, or with what has become a
traditional celebration of his birth, or any other events that exalt him,
pagan, Satanic worshipers. That is a declaration that you are more
steeped in your ritual and have chosen to judge hearts, thus you do not
really know him because your ritual blinds your eyes to him alive in
another individual. It doesn't make any difference if God established it. He
clearly stated in Amos that he was sick of it all and those who participated
in the very things he set up because they were leaving him out. Jesus
also stated that the priest profaned the temple every time he went into it.
He showed me what he meant. Think on that. Those who love Jesus have
complete access to the Holy of Holys and God's presence. What I hear
from so many involved in Old Covenant practices is a spirit that evokes an
attitude denying entry based on judgments that are in error, as your
criteria for entry denies Christ's work and will keep you out. Bottom line,
you demean Christ in my life by your very accusations, and you demean
his power, his work, and his mercy towards those of us who never learned
the "practice" of the feast days, nor was it ever made a necessity by
God's Spirit as he led me into all truth (Jesus Christ) and established the
"Way" within me. Disheartening though it may be for you and all who
follow the old way is that I will make heaven my home because my faith is
totally in what he did for me. That is the lack of faith that kept multitudes in
the desert to die instead of entering into the promise. Rejecting Christ's
work in favor of one's own works is to reject the cornerstone. Those who
do will have the kingdom taken from them and given to a "nation", "a
people", who are bringing forth the fruits of the kingdom because it is
alive in them, not tied to a bunch ritualistic worship, days, and outward
efforts that do not have him in the midst of them no matter which method
of worship you follow. Again, and finally, God will look on your heart and
all we can offer that is acceptable is for him to see his son alive in us. I
have been in synagogues and seen all of what you speak of, and I have
experienced some very ungodly people who demonstrated no love, even
as I have in "Christian" gatherings, though they all kept their rituals and
knew the format for their dogma. I have also experienced people who had
really found Jesus both places. God will sort them all out. No one will fool
him, for he looks upon the heart.