Acts 1:7  And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.  But ye shall
    receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in
    Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

    Amos 3:7  Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

    The Clock is Ticking...Time is Running Out!
    Prophecies made hundreds of years ago are coming true today. There are prophecies that describe crisis and turmoil all over the world. Are there
    things happening that we should know about?

    We hope to bring these events to your attention here and explain their meaning. Look around, ask questions, check out the materials we have
    available. The information here could change your life forever....

    The Masterpiece: Nostradamus, Branham and the Little Book

    The Masterpiece is a must have compilation of knowledge, a book that everyone should read about events that could effect all.


    Daniel 12:9 says, "Go thy way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and SEALED TILL the time of THE END"

    I approach this work of Nostradamus from a strictly Christian point of view. This may turn many secular people away right off the bat but I
    guarantee that if you continue through the book you will be blessed with much information you did not know. Many "Psychics", (who call on
    what I believe to be the powers of darkness), have used the writings of Michael Nostradamus and William Branham to slander God’s Prophets
    for their own profit. Their claim, in particular to Nostradamus’ writings, has caused many Christians to turn a deaf ear to anything mentioned
    concerning this Prophet of God. It has been Satan’s effort to use the foolish interpretations of Psychics, (who are given limited knowledge by
    their master), and the misconceptions of Christians about Nostradamus’ writings, which they will describe as ‘vague, doubtful and occultic’, to
    turn believers away from the revealed Truth given by the Divine Inspiration of God to His Prophets. Throughout this book you will find
    CAPITALIZATION, Underlining’s, italics, and Bolding which I use for emphasis. I bold all Scripture references, all Quatrain numbers, and bold
    anything that I want you to pay special attention to. You will also find that I am repetitive about certain things in certain areas…this is intentional.

    Before this book even begins let me set some things straight which are very important regarding the Prophet Nostradamus. This concerns his
    proposed identification of three Anti-Christ’s in his work. I say that Nostradamus has identified more than 266 Anti-Christ’s not just three. I deal
    with this in the Anti-Christ Section after laying the Historical ground work for my conclusions. First of all, you HAVE TO BE A CHRISTIAN
    (SO-CALLED) TO BE THE ANTI-CHRIST. All Anti-Christ’s including Napoleon and Hitler claimed some form of Christianity. Anti means
    opposite of or opposed to something, and coming in His office but not in His name but their own name. (John 5:43.) So the Anti-Christ would be
    a False Christian or a False Prophet. The coming Anti-Christ then would be the ANTITHESIS OF JESUS. This is a SPIRITUAL WORSHIP
    CONUNDRUM. It is a mystery, a dilemma, with no solution by the many writers of Nostradamus. The JEWS are NOT the Anti-Christ. The
    Chinese are NOT the Anti-Christ. The Russians are NOT the Anti-Christ. Freemasons and Illuminatist working to form the New World Order
    are NOT even THE Anti-Christ. (But they all do want to run the world). OBAMA, the President of the United States is NOT the Anti-Christ. I
    tell you the Moslems/Islamics are NOT even the Anti- Christ. These peoples and Religions may not believe in Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of
    man and are against the God of the Bible, and to Christians are ‘unsaved’ but Nostradamus describes these people as Tyrants, Barbarians,
    Greedy and Evil men and other descript names. However, God will USE the Moslems/Islamics in the end as the PUNISHERS of the Anti-Christ
    and False Prophet and the Beast System. Then in turn they too have those who will turn on and punish them. Satan Worshipers are NOT even
    the Anti-Christ because they are not lying to least they tell us the Truth about who they are Worshipping whether it be Satan, Buddha,
    Krishna, Gaia, New Age or whatever else they choose to Worship. They do not say they love Jesus the Christ, THE Messiah, Yenon, who is
    God manifest in the flesh and then do everything in the Name of God/Jesus/Yehushua/ Yenon...that He tells us NOT to do in His Word.  

    It is also interesting that each person that the Lord has used for His end-time message has been pummeled like a punching bag by both Christians
    who suppose they know everything, and by the educated mocking world who are sure they know everything . I have discovered that most of the
    time a Prophet, Christian Pastor or layperson is never vindicated in their own time. Sometimes it is decades or even Centuries before Vindication
    comes. It is the Cross that person has to bear and it is not easy or pretty...but it must be carried no less. First, the Lord has shown me that the
    name he told me to use, first, middle and last name all add up to the Biblical Theomatics number of seventeen (17) which means Vindication. So
    the Lord has brought me to pen these Volumes of Books as Vindication for His Two Prophets. Secondly, He has shown me that the modern
    Lunar-Solar Hebrew Calendar has an extra month – 2-Adar eleven times during a seventeen (17) year cycle. (Timing is everything.) Third, He
    has shown me how He [God] relates to the seventeen (17) elements on the Periodical Table. As a finale to these three Seventeen’s He has given
    me a deadline of September 17, 2012 (which is Rosh Ha Shanah…the Feast of Trumpets) to get this work done and out to the publishers. How
    awesome the Lord is in the perfecting of His Word. The Lord is perfected in threes. There were 17’s in William Branham’s Ministry also as he
    had a Revelation and a spoken word from God as he was baptizing the 17th person. So this Vindication number has long been at work.

    Useless Christian and worldly speculation about the Anti-Christ over the years has kept man’s eyes and ears looking in the wrong direction and a
    lack of Biblical understanding has kept Christians in the dark on other issues as well. As Nostradamus has walked over it and around
    it and has never seen it. Those that purport to ‘know all about Nostradamus’ are those that are looking for fame, fortune and sensationalism.
    They have all looked in the wrong place! The answer is only found in the BIBLE...and they forgot to look there. The Bible is an amalgamation
    of History, Science, Astronomy and God’s laws. That is also what Nostradamus’ book is...and written with the same constructs as the Word of
    God. So I warn you now...this is not going to be your usual write-up on Nostradamus. Christian or not, you may not understand what I show
    you in this book completely but, if you want to live, it would be profitable to you to eat this Bread of Life and drink Wine from this Fifth Cup of

    I am less concerned about who the so-called Anti-Christ is than who MICHAEL NOSTRADAMUS and WILLIAM BRANHAM were. I have
    had to draw back this work until the time for it to go out. In God’s economy there is always the right season or the wrong season for something.
    I have in the past been anxious to get it out and stepped out before the proper time…without full understanding. These Volumes are basically the
    same book I wrote 17 years ago (again, the number for Vindication) with the new understanding the Lord has brought me. But the basic
    assumption of Truth is still there...that Nostradamus wrote the "Little Book" of Revelation Ten (10) which was open as the Book of Revelation
    was but a certain end-time Revelation was hidden and shut up on the backside. The hidden and Sealed-up information was only revealed after
    the Sounding of the Seven Thunders. (Revelation 10.) I am assured NOW is the proper time to let this work go forth. I believe the Lord has
    shown me as His Handmaiden, how to piece together some of the Master’s pieces to part of the End-time puzzle.

    These two books brought together set in Two Volumes concern TWO PROPHETS:  They are Michael Nostradamus, a Catholic Messianic
    Jewish believer, who died over 457 years ago and William Marrion Branham, a Christian (Pentecostal/non-denominational) gentile healing
    Minister, who died forty-seven years ago. One might wonder how these Two Prophets could possibly fit together. I believe that Nostradamus
    was the Prophet who represents Enoch, Moses and all the Old Testament Prophets, and one part of the last Triune Elijah to come that Jews set
    a table for at Passover. (Malachi 4:5 & 6.) He is supposed to come first to prepare the way of the Lord. He has come. Nostradamus was the
    Written Word Prophet and represented the Old Testament Prophets while Branham was the Spoken Word Prophet and represented the New
    Testament Prophets and Apostles. The Prophet Nostradamus was the First Voice Sign and the First Silver Trumpet to blow a message for the
    End Time with the details of history written hundreds of years in advance while the Evangelist William Branham was the Second Voice Sign and
    the Second Silver Trumpet and the Seventh Church Age Messenger coming together for a warning to this Last Age, the Laodicean Lukewarm
    Church. What I have just described may be a bit confusing but I will make it plainer as we go on.

    The Lord has already shown me that most of the Christian world will condemn me for taking this step of Revelation. On the other hand, the
    worldly will also scoff because it is so different than anything ever written on Nostradamus since it is written in such a "Christian" manner… but
    then Nostradamus’ whole work was written for the Christian’s benefit. This work will also reach out to many lost Souls struggling with this life’s
    journey. All detractors of his work and the scoffers was predicted by Nostradamus. God alone knows His full intended purpose. For over 2,000
    years God’s people have suffered Crosses, burning at the stake, exile, guillotines, persecution, torture, and any manner of atrocities. However,
    God still reveals His Truth to His Prophets and they’re still around today. But if you will not believe the Prophets He sent, then you may believe
    a lie. He still calls His people to see and speak what they see. I was once told by Evangelist Perry Stone that the massive material I am
    presenting here would take more than one book because I am speaking Volumes...but yet I am certain that the Lord instructed me to keep these
    two Prophets together in one work. So to that end, I have put the Two Prophets into Two Volumes but in one book/work. I am the Scribe…the
    Ha Sofer, but Michael Nostradamus and William Branham were the SEERS...THE PROPHETS. I am simply an "end-time Handmaiden" of
    Jesus the Christ, appointed to explain and reveal that which was written and sealed until the TIME OF THE END...I see:

    The Prophet Nostradamus has written the ‘hidden little book’ of detailed history which Ezekiel and Daniel the Prophets had foreseen and John
    the Revelator also had foreseen, but none could write. It was and had to be sealed up until the time of the end. That time is now. After the
    Seven Thunders Sounded then all could be revealed. (Daniel 12:9; Revelation 10:8, 9; II Esdres 5:6, 7; the Apocrypha.)

    The Prophet Nostradamus identified the Anti-Christ and his Beast System revealed over 457 Years ago. (Second Thessalonians: 2:1-8.)

    The Prophet Nostradamus gives us the timeline of detailed history including Secret information on the Second Coming Rapture and it is tied to
    the Prophet William Branham.

    The Prophet Nostradamus provides details of Wars throughout history and especially during the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’ which is a three and
    half year period of time which finishes out the seventy sevens of Daniel Chapter Nine. (THE NINE) Blow the Trumpet in Zion!!! All the details
    of WWIII and Armageddon are in the works of Nostradamus. Awesome!

    The Prophet Nostradamus provides information on a coming Comet/Star called the Destroyer/Wormwood sometimes confused with Planet
    X/Nibiru as a Second Sun and what must take place before and after it arrives.

    The Prophet Nostradamus has given us the "Lost Book of Nostradamus" which includes over 80 water color pictures some of which the Lord
    has given me insight and information on.

    The Prophet Nostradamus was the First Witness appointed to blow the First Silver Trumpet Message as the First Voice Messenger..

    The Prophet Branham was the appointed Seventh Church Age Messenger to the last Church Age of Laodicea. He was the Second Witness
    appointed to blow the Second Silver Trumpet Message as the Second Voice Messenger.

    The Prophet Branham was the Messenger who opened up the Revelation of the Seven Churches and the Revelation of the Seven Seals to us
    from the Book of Revelation.

    The Prophet Branham opened up many undisclosed Revelations regarding sexually (x-rated) related issues regarding the Bible that have been
    taught wrongly.

    The Lord through the Prophet’s Nostradamus and Branham has revealed to me what I believe to be a diagrammed Chart of Events for our time.
    Armageddon is upon us, literally at the door. This book coming out in 2012 is a final warning to God’s people and to the world for 2012 is truly
    the beginning of the end but NOT the end.

    IF you are a Christian…you can’t afford to miss the preparation time the Lord is giving to His people right now.

    If you are not a Christian...NOW is the time for SALVATION... for DARK DAYS are coming, just as the BIBLE and NOSTRADAMUS have

    You can’t afford to miss this Timely Message. Then I Pray you can say, "I was once blind, but NOW, I SEE." 

    John 16:14 and 15 says: "…the Spirit will take from what is mine and make it known to you."
Proper Interpretation Shows All Things point to
Christ!  The Signs and Mysteries Given by the Holy
Spirit are Revealed!  The Last Anti-Christ
Described and Identified in Detail!!  

    For 457 years the Prophet Nostradamus has been a MYSTERY.  Hidden in 'dark speech' he was misunderstood and rejected by the
    Protestant Christian Church, forbidden to be read by the Catholic Church, and totally discredited by psychics and worldly interpreters as
    being in the 'Occult'.

    However, it was the 'occult' interpreters that were instrumental in keeping his work alive and mysterious.  

    Written from a Christian, biblically based  perspective, many questions about this mysterious man Nostradamus, and why his work has
    endured so long are answered in this book.

    Reverend Sunday has discovered the "secrets" and the intentions of his life's work, and you will be amazed to find out WHO Nostradamus
    really was.

    If you are curious about Planet X-Wormwood, then you will find how that ties into these hidden revelations.  There always come a time
    when "hidden" things are revealed to a Prophet.  (Daniel 2:22; Amos 3:7)

    The second Prophet, William Branham, was way ahead of his time in his understanding of supernatural phenomenon; and his revelations on
    the Book of Genesis regarding the "apple" and its sexual connotations lost him favor with the "approved" church then, and now.

    Prophets are rarely understood in their own age.

    These TWO PROPHETS were brought together to this 'unknown' Sophe/Scribe chosen to disclose the hidden, amazing information, and
    revelation for our day...TO GOD be the GLORY!!  Prepare the way for the Lord!!
Patricia Ann Sunday was ordained to the
ministry in 1995.  In 1996 she
incorporated Sunday Ministries in Baton
Rouge, Louisiana as an outreach for
healing and deliverance.  Reverend
Sunday is a native of Florida and is the
author of several books.  

In this book she gives an incredible life
testimony.  This book has been in the
'process of production' for seventeen
years.  Finding the last key to unlock the
final Secrets of Nostradamus;  it is time
to present this important end time
message to the World.