Rev. Patricia A. Sunday

Called for this hour to deliver the warning
through scriptural interpretation of end time
Ha Sofer!  The end time handmaiden and
servant of the Lord.

Presently based in Florida.
The Clock is Ticking...Time is Running Out!

Prophecies made hundreds of years ago are coming true today. There are prophecies that
describe crisis and turmoil all over the world. Are there things happening that we should know

We hope to bring these events to your attention here and explain their meaning. Look around,
ask questions, check out the materials we have available. The information here could change
your life forever....
Ministry Profile

Sunday Ministries, Inc. was founded by Rev. Patricia to reach and teach others about the revelations
she has received concerning the end times and the need for receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Sunday Ministries, Inc. ordains and licenses qualified ministers into this fellowship of God and no one
is bound to tithe or identify themselves with the Sunday fellowship unless they choose to do so.
Sunday Ministries, Inc. believes that ministers are called and ordained by God alone. It is a free gift
from God. Anyone who feels the call can preach or evangelize without credentials. However, for
earthly purposes, it is sometimes necessary to be "paper-trained" for various reasons. Therefore,
Sunday Ministries, Inc. makes it part of our business to license and ordain those whom we know are
called by God and may need assistance getting into places otherwise obstructed by denominational

Reverend Patricia Ann Sunday

Bible Gematria is the study of numerical values and their
meanings and was originally taken from the ancient
Kabballah which was orally passed on by Moses. It was
perverted and sabotaged by Satan and made into an evil
occult practice but it was not like that in the very beginning.

Number 1 - means Unity… as in “I and the Father are one.”
(John 10:30)

Number 2 – means Union and Division.  These are
opposites and shows a dividing or tug of war over
something. “No one can serve two masters.”         
(Matthew 6:24)

Number 3 – means Resurrection or Divine Completeness.  
“Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.”
(John 2:19)

Number 4 – means Creation and world. All the fours in the
Bible deal with this like, four seasons, four elements etc.

Number 5 – means Grace, God’s Goodness.  Five
ingredients in holy anointing oil. (Myrrh, cinnamon,
calamus, cassia and Olive oil.     (Exodus 30:23-24)

Number 6 – means Man, Mankind, Weakness, Sin and
Satan.  On the sixth day man was created.                
(Genesis 1:26-31)

Number 7 – means Completeness, Spiritual Perfection. “On
the Seventh day God completed His work.”             
(Genesis 2:2).       We have in the book of Revelation…The
seven sealed book, the seven trumpets and seven bowls of
wrath. The Seventh Millennium will see the Lord’s reign
over the earth.

Number 8 – means A New Beginning.  Male babies are
circumcised on the 8th day…

Number 9 – means Divine Blessing, Divine Completeness
and Divine Judgement.  There are nine fruits of the Spirit:
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,            
faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.                         
(Gal. 5: 22-23)

Number 10 – means the Law. We have the Ten
Commandments, ten world governments and ten kings.
(Revelation 17:12)

Number 11 – Judgement, Disorder.  Of the twelve disciples
and one was Judged there only eleven left before lots were
cast for a replacement.

Number 12 – Governmental Perfection. There were twelve
Apostles.  There were twelve Tribes of Israel etc.

The numbers nine and eleven tell us about the September
11th tragedy in America.  The number nine tells us that
America has had God’s Blessing but they were completed
on Sept 11th and that was the beginning of God’s
Judgement on America.  The number eleven is a
combination of ten and one.  Ten speaks of God’s Law and
God’s Law has been disobeyed in America to the point of
Judgement.  The number one speaks of Unity.  When this
Judgement began on America the world became unified and
is pressing further for a One World Government.

God has written His intentions in the heavens by signs of
constellations.  He has written His intentions in numbers
and He has informed us through His literal Word… His son
and His written Word…the Bible.  He has spoken through
Prophets and Kings.  He has warned us through natural
disasters and people still turn away.  Judgement will fall
not only on America but the whole world and this will
come very soon.  Shalom.