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Testimonies and Comments from Our Friends
Dear LeRoy,

What a Divine Mission God has given you. I know it will be fulfilled!

Just as The Bible says in the Book of Matthew, "Again I say unto you, that if two
of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be
done for them of my Father which is in Heaven. For where two or three are
gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

LeRoy, I stand with you in agreement right here and right now. I see the doors of
opportunity being opened for your book right now. I see the channels, the right
channels carrying your message of love and hope to the souls of millions all over
the world. I see your Victory, through Christ, being done right now in the name of
Jesus. We call this forth and we know he hearest us for he hearest us always.

God Bless You My Brother and I shall keep praying that this great mission shall
come to pass.


I AM Joy!
Posted by Joy

God Bless You,
I AM Joy!
Sir, Thank you. I read a comment you left on AOL news
and saw your web site. I just want to say thank God for
people like you.
I grew up Catholic in NY. Although the nuns tried to
teach me it just didn't register. At the time they forced us
to go to church every day. It was all in Latin. I couldn't
stand it, and when I was of age I left the church and God
for many years. I have commited every sin in the book
except pedafelia. Even though I did so much evil I was
always protected by the Lord. He lifted me up and
blessed me. I recognized it. A couple years later I got a
letter fron an association asking me to join them. They
made many worldly promises. They didn't mention who
they were. All I had to do is sign the last page of the
letter and send it back, and they would give me a book
that was 5,000 years old that would make me rich beyond
my wildest dreams. I signed it, put it in the return
envelope and started going through the rest of my mail.
Not 30 seconds later something came over me, a warming
chill through my whole body. There was a message in my
brain,"DO NOT SEND THAT&quot!
;. Oh my God, it was the Holy Spirit. I was trembling. I
couldn't rip it out of the envelope fast enough. I haven't
been the same since. I don't know why I am telling you
this. I guess its just my testimony. I get upset sometimes
when I read what some educated people say in there
comments on line. How can they be so smart and yet so
blind? I thank the Lord for saving me. I now belong to
"City Limits Assembly of God" in
Allentown PA.
Thank you for listening and God bless you,,,,,,Joe T.