Established as a teaching,
deliverance and healing
ministry determined to deliver
the truth of God's word
through spiritual wisdom and
understanding of true prophesy
of the end times, a strong
relationship with Jesus Christ
and Holy Spirit guidance of our
daily lives as virgins with lamps
full of oil and hearts prepared
to meet the Master... as He is
coming soon for His bride.
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A tried Christian grows by his losses, he rises by his falls, he lives by dying, and he
becomes full by being emptied.   (C. H. Spurgeon)
For I reckon that the sufferings
of this present time are not
worthy to be compared with
the glory which shall be
revealed in us.  Rom 8:18
So saith the Lord:  “Because the land
of the earth has become ungodly,
sexually immoral and impure and the
inhabitants of the land have become
defiled, and have not believed in the
GOD, the MESSIAH, and you
crucified your Lord of Glory,
JESUS/YENON...and the Prophets
sent out into the land have perverted
my Word, and have not believed
JESUS, my flesh, was the Messiah,
and because you have received unto
yourselves those who say they are
mine but are not...but are of the
Synagogue of Satan, all these things
will come upon you so that those
who turn and believe and ask
forgiveness of Me, will be saved.
Many of you will be tried by fire and
purified in the Athanor to become
perfected and Worship the One True
God.  I will purge my threshing floor
and the tares will be burned.  I am
God and I change not, neither will I
repent of the punishment I have
already prepared.  It is already on its
way to earth.”
So saith the Lord: “Since you have left off
righteous justice on the earth and committed
fornication against Me and have not called on
Me, I am sending righteous judgment upon the
earth.  Look for the waters of the sea to be
poured out in places from which it has not
been and look for darkness in the day.  Look
for me to shake the mountains and roar across
the land.  Look for violence in the land.  See
me provide Supernatural provision for my
people who call on me.  Call upon me and
you will not see my Wrath upon the land.”

I have loved you with an everlasting love.
Thus have I gathered thee unto myself,
That ye may know my fullness.
Therefore come as I have beckoned thee
And I shall take you under my wings.
There shall your cares and burdens be lifted.
Come now and taste of the abundance that awaits you.
For my glory is revealed in my love.
And the power of my majesty shall shine forth upon your face
As I am glorified in your temple.
And all shall see and exclaim,
"Truly your God abides with you!"
Come now, therefore, and delay not,
For my arms are opened unto thee
And I shall not turn you away.
I shall endue thee with power
That the gathering may begin with you
And I shall be with you always
Even unto the end of the earth.

I must warn you about a PROPHETIC ANNOUNCEMENT I believe I have received through the Holy Spirit that I cannot
withhold! It is better that I speak this and be wrong than not speak it and it come to pass without warning.   A few days ago I
had a vision of Pope Francis lying dead in his coffin.  I was looking at him from his head down...not standing beside him.  
Out of  him began spewing vile demons in all directions.  As I contemplated this vision, I began inquiring of the Lord what it
A Prophet, who was a true Christian Prophet whose works the Lord has had me research for 17 years concerning end times
events from a spiritual standpoint and whose name  I reveal on our website,, had a quatrain (which was
four line prose verses) in his work that suggested a Pope being killed between two bodies of water.  That has not happened
yet, but note that all other prophesies given to this point have proven true.  Also, according to St. Malachi's prophecies, (a
Catholic whom I believe to be a true Christian) Pope Francis was to be the last naturally elected Pope of the Catholic Church.
As I have inquired of the Lord concerning what must happen next I am impressed with the following in a Spirit of Prophecy:
I believe that the two bodies of water spoken of by the first Prophet are the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.  That
would mean that Pope Francis will be shot and killed in America on or about September 15th, 2014 when he visits New York
City for his speech to the United Nations assembly. Who will do it?  The mafia has been excommunicated, but they dare not
take him out in Italy. They however have an American element.  The homosexuals hate his biblical stand. Pedophile priests
are being dealt with. Removing this Pope in America would make us feel obligated to the beck and call of his replacement.
Why the demons?  Listen closely.  I believe that before true followers of Jesus are taken up at His Second Coming (and I
describe this in my books and videos) we will see the Last Anti-Christ step forward. These demons have done the work of
removing the obstacle to his ascension to power.
I have named who I believe this man to be in my books and show you how the Lord has given me the interpretation of the
Prophets works from a Spiritual point of view.  I now feel compelled to name him openly as time is of the essence.  His
name and present title is: Archbishop Georg Ganswein.  (Georg pronounced Gay-ork in German.) His last name in Hebrew
means PIG in the Garden of Eden. He is a German as is his consort Pope Benedict Emeritus. Germany has become
prominent within the European Union...and this year the Vatican is pushing for Italy to be the next head of the European
Union. Ganswein was brought up and groomed in the Catholic Church by Pope John Paul II and served as right hand man to
Pope Benedict and now sits at the right hand of the Father (as the Catholics refer to him)...Pope Francis.  He is the same
person I saw in a vision in my 33 years ago.  I believe that he will come into recognition by the world when
an announcement is given by the false Virgin Mary Apparition that he is her son. The Virgin Mary Apparition is literally Satan
in the air.  
We were warned in Scripture that this would take place in the end-time by false miracles which would deceive the very
ELECT if that were possible...and it is possible.  Many have been fooled by these false demonic appearances giving a
mixture of true revelation blended with falsehoods that have led many good, honest and believing Christians astray.  Those in
the Catholic Church are warned by the Scriptures to "come out of her my people" so that you are not partakers of her
This last Anti-Christ will have only ONE YEAR before the Lord kills him and remakes this earth. Ganswein will be the one
that will head up the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  He will be the MUSLIM ISA...whom they believe to be the Jesus of
the Bible and the Quran. He will also wear the symbolic white turban of all religions...meaning he is the one to head up the
One World Religion. His heraldry flag is a split flag with half being his consort’s flag and half being his. On his flag is a five
pointed star which represents Isis (which by the way is the name of the latest radical arm of Islam in Iraq), and also
represents Mary and Lucifer worship. This same star also represents his military standing over the world. A five pointed star
has always been on America's military equipment and America has been groomed to be his military force. This will lead to
the Battle of Armageddon that will be fought and finished out in the Valley of Megiddo in Israel. The Lord will stop this war
before man totally destroys the world and no one would be left alive. He does this by the natural means of the new planetary
system that has now come into our solar system which is why it is called the DESTROYER. Out of the ashes will rise up the
remainder of Israel who will know who their Messiah was and is. There will be people left on the earth to restart a new
civilization. The world will then go up to Israel to worship the one true Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ, Yeshua Ha-
The Bride Church will have already gone to Heaven with the true Jesus...not taken by alien invasion. The Lord is passing
over the earth now in what is termed the "Times of the Refreshing" for one more chance for you to make a choice for HIM.
What will your choice be?   Shalom
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